Monday, November 14, 2011

Give a Listen to the KMOX Health and Fitness Show from Sunday, Featuring Vortex Inventor Dr. Howard Wright!

KMOX News Radio 1120 has been broadcasting in St. Louis for over eighty-five years, and is THE preeminent news radio station in the St. Louis area. Vortex inventor Dr. Howard Wright was therefore thrilled when he was asked to appear on the KMOX Health and Fitness Show with Monica Adams yesterday.

Click HERE to give it a listen!

The entire show is just over half an hour, and is really informative--but if you're interested in skipping ahead to the bit about Vortex Toothpaste, it can be found right around the twelve minute mark.

From the KMOX Website:
This month is Diabetes Awareness Month and Carla Beckerle discusses the St. Louis Diabetes Technology Expo coming up on November 19th. For more information visit Monica also chats with Dr. Howard Wright about a new toothpaste that is getting kids to take care of their teeth. Finally Chef Baggett from Edgewild Restaurant and Winery, opening later this month in Chesterfield, stops by with a few samples for Monica to taste.

Thanks KMOX!

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