Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Deliver-by-Christmas cutoff date, and another mom blog review!

It's absolutely crazy how quickly the year 2011 flew by. I can't believe it's already the middle of December!

Mommy blogger OpenHands  emailed us yesterday saying that she posted a review of Vortex on her blog. The review is absolutely glowing! She's also doing a Vortex Toothpaste giveaway, so if you've wanted to give Vortex a whirl, this could be your chance!

From her post:

As soon as I opened the package he wanted to try it out, so we put a little bit on his toothbrush  and he immediately loved the colors, when you squeeze the paste onto your brush one strip is red and one is blue.... then he started brushing and he brushed for almost a minute! Which is AMAZING because I am not kidding you when I say he normally lasts for 15 seconds before he is wanting to spit.  So... finally when he did spit, he was excited to see that the toothpaste was now purple! :)

 That first day he brushed his teeth 4 times! I had to finally say "NO! You can not brush your teeth anymore." lol What a great problem to have. 
 Thanks, OpenHands31!

Oh! Also, a quick word about Christmas delivery. While Amazon may cut off our Vortex Christmas sales early, know that if you order directly from our personal store (, the delivery-by-Christmas cutoff date is December 19th! Vortex makes an awesome stocking stuffer...

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